Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Oak Ridge, TN

This the result of a large fire storm in Oak Ridge, TN. The fire storm caused a lot of damage throughout Oak Ridge, TN. This log cabin rental business, SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Water Damage Oak Ridge, TN

The water damage on these stairs in a Oak Ridge, TN home is the result of a busted pipe. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge was called in late at night to review the damage. ... READ MORE

Flooded Bedroom Oak Ridge, TN

This is a flooded bedroom in Oak Ridge, TN. A broken pipe created the water damage. The water damage was throughout the house. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge's team had t... READ MORE

Fire, Smoke, & Soot Damage in Manufacturing Plant

This manufacturing plant in Oak Ridge suffered smoke and soot damage to 150,000 square feet, including all of their equipment and machinery. As you can see the ... READ MORE

Three Story Hotel Flood in Oak Ridge

This hotel in Oak Ridge, TN had extensive water damage. The water damage originated from an ice machine on the 3rd floor and affected all floors beneath. SERVPR... READ MORE

School Hallway Suffered Fire, Smoke, & Soot Damage

This school in Oak Ridge, TN suffered a fire and had obvious signs of fire, smoke, and soot damage, as well as water damage from school sprinklers. SERVPRO of O... READ MORE

School Classroom After Fire Damage in Oak Ridge, TN

This classroom in a school in Oak Ridge, TN suffered the majority of damage during a fire. From the photos,  you can tell there was extensive damage done t... READ MORE

Metal Air Ducts With Heavy Debris in Oak Ridge, TN

These air ducts held a lot of dust, debris, and particulate matter that can affect air quality and the life of your HVAC system. This is an apartment complex in... READ MORE

Soot Damage Cleaned from Kitchen Table

This is a result of fire damage in a Oak Ridge home. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge was able to restore this hardwood table. Most hardwood pieces of furniture can be clea... READ MORE

Heavy Soot Cleaning from Fire Damage

This soot damage was caused by fire damage to a home in Oak Ridge. This home had a lot of fire and soot damage to it. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge was able to come in a... READ MORE