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Five Types of Storm Shutters to Protect Your Home

8/1/2021 (Permalink)

The brick wall and windows with rolling shutters Rolling shutters are a highly effective and more permanent solution.

Protect Your Home From High Winds

If your Norris, TN, home is at risk of storm damage from high winds, you might consider some protective measures. Storm shutters are a good option, but with such variation in quality and price, where do you start? Read on to learn about some of the different choices of storm shutters for homeowners.

1. Storm Panel

Metal storm panels are to be used only when there is an imminent threat of a hurricane or severe storm. This means that the rest of the year, your windows will be exposed. At about $7-$15 per panel, this is an extremely affordable choice for homeowners.

2. Rolling

Rolling shutters are a highly effective and more permanent solution. In addition to protection from high winds, they also offer privacy, insulation and an attractive appearance to homes. This option costs $20-$30 per square foot and is customized for every window on the house.

3. Accordion

Accordion coverings are similar to rolling shutters in that they are permanently affixed to a home in a box attached to the exterior of the building. The big difference, however, is that they are manually operated. Because of this, their price point is a little lower at $15-$25 per square foot.

4. Colonial

Colonial shutters are an aesthetically pleasing option for homes. They are similar to the decorative variety and made from metal or wood materials. They can be latched shut when a threat arrives. They come at a cost of around $200-$500 per window.

5. Bahama

Bahama awnings are permanently attached to homes with hinges. They are a great solution for warmer climates because they also provide shade. They can cost anywhere from $200-$1,000 per window.

There are many ways to protect your windows and home from the high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes. Use your budget and personal preferences as a guide to finding the right solution for your home.

3 Key Steps To Preventing Moisture Damage

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Black spots of mold on a wall Mold cleanup is important to understand.

Preventing Moisture Damage in Three Easy Steps

Dealing with the issues that arise from an abundance of moisture in a commercial building in Claxton, TN, can easily become overwhelming. The best way to avoid any moisture damage is of course to avoid moisture; however, that is not always possible. Black mold and other spore growth can cause immense amounts of structural harm. Should the situation arise where there is excessive moisture exposure, the following three steps can be instrumental in preventing structural damage.

1. Locate the Source of Damage

First and foremost, it is essential to determine where the damage is coming from. If black mold is noticeable, did it come from a one-time event or is it from a recurring issue? Was there a flood or major snowmelt? Is there a pipe leaking somewhere in the building? Is there a clogged or unmaintained sewage system that could be leading to the moisture problem?

It is also possible for mold spores to be transferred through airflow. Did the spores found originate there or were they transferred through an HVAC system? Knowing what is causing the mold to form is essential to moving on to an eventual resolution.

2. Fix the Problem

Once the source that is causing the moisture problem has been discovered, remediation specialists can help determine how to best prevent this issue from recurring. Whether it is better preparation for a natural disaster or an improvement to a ventilation system, specialists can come up with a solution to keep excessive mold from gathering in your space.

3. Remove the Mold

Mold cleanup is important to understand. Since mold spores are always present in the environment, they can never be completely removed from an area. Getting the space back to a natural level should be the focus of the professionals removing the mold. Remediation of excessive spore growth can return your building to a functioning environment.

After the source of the damage has been determined and the underlying problem has been fixed, removing the black mold is essential to avoid any major structural damage to your building in Claxton, TN.

Essential Elements of an Emergency Fire Plan

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Residential escape plan Creating a fire escape plan with your whole family can ensure everyone knows what to do if a fire breaks out.

The Basics Of An Emergency Fire Plan

As a homeowner in Andersonville, TN you want to be prepared for anything that comes your way. That's why you should create a fire escape plan with your family. This plan can help you and your loved ones know what to do in the case of an emergency. Use these tips from the American Red Cross to ensure you're ready:

• Know Who To Call: Part of your emergency escape plan should be knowing what to do once you're safely outside. This can include calling emergency responders, your insurance provider and a fire restoration team.
• Establish Safety Tactics: When escaping from the house, your family may need to leave in a unique fashion. For example, if anyone's clothing catches on fire, they may need to stop, drop and roll. If the house is filled with smoke, people may need to crawl out of the house.
• Think of Alternate Routes: Everyone knows how to exit the front door of your house, but this typical escape route might not be available during a fire. You and all of your family members should have at least two ways to get out of every room in the house. Don't forget going out a window may be necessary.
• Pick Out a Meeting Spot: During a fire, your family may have to leave the house from different points. Your fire escape plan should include a meeting spot that is a safe distance from the house.
• Establish Emergency Communication: In some unique cases, someone may not be able to make it to the family meeting spot. Everyone should know to talk with the emergency responders about who hasn't shown up outside of the home yet.

Creating a fire escape plan with your whole family can ensure everyone knows what to do if a fire breaks out. Once you have this plan created, you should practice it at least twice a year.

How To Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

Brush, spray bottle, yellow rubber gloves background of a wall with mold Mold cleaning.

Mold Prevention In Your Bathroom

Every bathroom contains moisture, and it can be a challenge to keep it at low levels. High levels of humidity make bathrooms a prime location for mold growth and water damage. Here are tips for mold prevention in your Claxton, TN, bathroom.

Collecting Tools You Need

Start by making sure you have the following on hand:

  • Squeegee
  • Grout sealer
  • Bleach
  • Detergent
  • Scrub brush
  • Sponge

If your bathroom isn't equipped with a fan, it's a good idea to consider installing one.

Eliminating Moisture
The best way to prevent mold growth and the need for water damage repair in your bathroom is to eliminate the moisture that can cause it. After bathing or showering, use a squeegee to wipe down the shower walls. This simple step can eliminate 75% of the moisture that encourages mold to grow.
If you have a bathroom fan, turn it on while showering or bathing and let it run for half an hour after you finish. This step will help remove moisture from the air. Your fan should have a label with a cubic-foot-per-minute volume. This rating is the amount of air the fan can move measured in cubic feet per minute. The standard is to have a fan that moves 1 CFM per square foot of room area.
If you have tile, use a grout sealer once a year to waterproof it.

Removing Mold
If you have existing mold, scrub the area with detergent and water. Use a solution of 90% water and 10% bleach if detergent alone doesn't work. Brush or spray on the bleach mixture and allow it to sit on the surface for 10 minutes before scrubbing, rinsing and allowing the surface to dry.
If you notice mold on caulking, remove and replace the caulk.
While all bathrooms have moisture, you can take simple steps to remove most of it and protect your Claxton, TN, bathroom from water damage and mold growth.

How To Mitigate Fire and Water Damage

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a fire in a house House fire in Rocky Top, TN.

Fire and Water Damage To Your Home

Firefighters rely on hoses that are capable of dispensing between 300 to 800 gallons of water per minute or more, depending on the hydrant and fire hose. As a result, fire suppression efforts often lead to a combination of extensive fire and water damage in homes in Rocky Top, TN. Specialized mitigation and restoration methods are necessary to prevent the primary fire damage from becoming rapidly compounded and exacerbated by water. A company that specializes in both types of damage should pursue these three measures to mitigate damage.

1. Remove Water
The water used to put out a fire starts as clean, treated Category One water. Exposure to ash, soot, and smoke quickly degrades this water to Category Three flood water. A mitigation service will start by pumping out the water used for fire suppression.

2. Replace Materials

When no standing water remains, restoration experts can determine which building materials are capable of being cleaned or repaired and which need to be replaced. They will have to assess materials damaged by fire, water, or a combination of these two factors. This process will take longer than restoring either type of damage alone, as water can rapidly intensify the staining that results from fire damage.

3. Prevent Damage

In addition to concerns about structural integrity and air quality, water damage also introduces the risk of mold growth. A service specializing in both types of damage can take measures to ensure that no rebuilding occurs until the location is clean and completely dry, which can lower the likelihood that mold will develop.

If your home has been exposed to damage from both fire and water, rely on skilled restoration professionals with the experience and equipment to address all of the factors involved. Act quickly to notify your insurance provider and contact a water and fire damage restoration service in Rocky Top, TN.

Choose The Right Professional For Fire Damage

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

outdoor of a home damaged by a fire, roof burned Fire damage to a home in Clinton, TN.

Choose The Right Professional For Fire Damage

In the wake of a residential fire, the primary focus is on repairing the damage done to the inside of the house. However, moderate to severe incidents can lead to visible marks and blemishes on the outside of the building too. It is why SERVPRO conducts a full inspection of fire-damaged properties before we start any restoration work. 

The good news is that stains on masonry, concrete and other structural materials are almost always superficial. While brick and concrete are not impervious to fire damage in Clinton, TN homes, they are incredibly sturdy and don’t succumb easily to heat. It means that, in most cases, we can use straightforward cleaning techniques to restore the outside of the property. 

Light Stains 

If there is no structural damage to the masonry, the SERVPRO technicians use mild cleaning agents to wash soot and smoke deposits from the surface. Where the staining is very light, dry sponging is enough to wipe away the grime on block, brick, and concrete. Stubborn marks get lifted with alkaline detergents and direct scrubbing. Sodium hypochlorite is highly active when it comes to soot removal, and it leaves no residues. 

Moderate Stains 

The problematic thing about soot is that it can be highly acidic. If it is not removed quickly, particularly from structural materials, there is a chance of corrosive residues becoming embedded more profound and more in-depth into the masonry. It is why SERVPRO pays close attention to cracked joints. 

They are delicately cleaned and repointed to dislodge any soot deposits which may be trying to move into the capillaries. Once this is complete, larger areas are dry, sponged, and vacuumed. Then, they are jet washed with a high-powered pressure cleaning device. 

Heavy Stains 

The most severe staining occurs when heavily combustible materials have caught fire and burned for some time. In some cases, jet washing is still a suitable method of cleaning. We can add soot dissolving formulas like high PH degreasers, dry ice, or soda ash to increase optimal results. 

SERVPRO rarely recommends sandblasting for brick, block, and concrete because it is a very abrasive process and can cause additional damage. If there are smaller patches of masonry which are heavily soiled, the technicians may apply a poultice (sodium hypochlorite and diatomaceous earth). It takes 24-48 hours for the formula to take effect. 

The great thing about a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO is that we offer a complete package. We are part of a vast network of contractors, so there is no repair job too big for our team to handle. 

Tips for Successful Commercial Roof Maintenance

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Hand with a glove cleaning a clogged gutter Keep your gutters clean.

Common Types of Roof Damage

Roofing on your commercial property in Oliver Springs, TN, has different maintenance needs than the typical residential roof. The flat, or low-slope, roof common to businesses is susceptible to specific types of roof damage during a storm or other weather event.

What type of damage is common on a flat roof?

  • Ponding refers to an indent in the roof that can be caused by water accumulating due to compressed insulation or clogged drains. Signs of ponding include leaks, drooping ceilings, excessive debris in gutters, or foliage growing on the roof. In the worst-case scenario, your roof can collapse.
  • Rainfall, continuous heat from the sun and buildup of pressure can cause a flat roof to crack or break.
  • Age can cause the roof membrane to buckle, flashing to peel, or the asphalt to lose its elasticity.

Preventative Maintenance Steps

What maintenance steps help prevent significant storm or wind damage and extend the life of your roof?

  • Twice a year, have a qualified professional inspect your roof for possible problems. This includes keeping an eye out for peeling edges, cracking roofing materials, or open flashing. Any problems should be repaired immediately. A storm restoration company can repair any water damage that has already occurred and may tarp the roof during the repairs to prevent further damage inside your property.
  • Waterproof the roof. Sealing the roof can prevent cracking.
  • Check and clean out the gutters or drainage system, especially after storms. A backup of debris can cause ponding on the roof.
  • Prune trees around, or hanging over, the roof. During a storm, wind damage to the trees can cause them to fall on the roof.

Wind damage and roof damage do not have to put you out of business. Potentially avoid a full roof rebuild in Oliver Springs, TN, by keeping an eye out for fixable problems and adhering to proper maintenance procedures throughout the life of your commercial roof.

SERVPRO of Oak Ridge Shares Tips for Fire Safety!

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

For a parent in a Oak Ridge, TN home, ensuring your kid's safety in the event of a fire is a top priority. This is why it's essential to include them in your fire escape plans. While your plan may consist of essential things such as the location of a fire extinguisher or the number of a fire damage restoration company, you may also want to include fire safety lessons for your young ones. Here are three things you may want to teach them so that they know what to do during an emergency.

1. Where Are the Exits

During a home fire, it's essential to know where the exits are in case of a fire. Teach your children how to open an emergency window, or how to tell which door out is the safest. It might help to make a game out of learning possible escape routes.

2. How To Escape Safely

You may also want to teach your kids safety techniques for getting out of the home during an emergency. Teach them to crawl under the smoke, and also to test for heat from a door before opening it. Teach them to press the back of the hand to the door to feel for warmth, and if it's not hot, open slowly and check to make sure the way is clear.

3. Where To Meet Up

Another thing every member of your family should know is where to meet up after a fire. You will want to choose a location safely away from the home that every family member can easily find. This may be a mail box or a neighbor's yard. During your fire drills practice getting there as the end goal.

When ensuring your kid's safety in a fire escape plan, you may want to teach them these three things. How to get out of the home in the event of a fire, how to do so safely, and where to go afterward. Doing so can help ensure that every member of your family knows what to do during an emergency.

How To Prevent Electronics From Causing Extreme Water Damage

6/7/2021 (Permalink)

Breaker box with the word CUT THE POWER! Shut off the electricity at the breaker level.

How To Prevent Electronics From Causing Extreme Water Damage

Water damage can occur for many different reasons. Sometimes, it happens as a result of a flood due to heavy rains. Other times, it may be due to an inside flood, such as when a pipe or a water heater bursts. Whatever the case may be, if you are dealing with water damage or water-damaged electronics, appliances, or other devices, you need to proceed with extreme caution. The best thing you can do, after water damage has occurred, is to call on Nashville professionals who are familiar with dealing with such loss, such as our skilled pros at SERVPRO of Oak Ridge. In the meantime, make sure you practice some excellent safety tips with water-damaged devices.

First things first, before you start thinking about possible water damage restoration, you need to make sure that you are not in immediate danger and that the devices that you own are not going to cause a fire or another dangerous incident.

After water damage has occurred, check your home to see if you have any damaged devices plugged in. If you find that you do, shut off the electricity at the breaker level. This will keep damaged devices from being able to start a fire. You should not touch, go near, or inspect any devices that are plugged in until you are sure that the electricity is off. Following this critical tip will help you to avoid electric shock.

Believe it or not, it is not only plugged-in water-damaged electronics that pose a risk. Any device that contains a battery can also pose a severe threat. Thus, it's best to let our pros at SERVPRO of Oak Ridge handle any such tools if you think they may have been damaged. At the very least, before touching any battery-operated device, ensure that it is not giving off heat or smoke, bulging, melting, or making strange sounds. All these types of things are significant warning signs that something serious and potentially dangerous is wrong with the battery!

As you can see, you're not always in the clear once the water subsides! To keep safe, contact the experts at SERVPRO of Oak Ridge before you do anything. At the very least, follow these simple tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Cleaning Up After Damages in Oak Ridge

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

equipment Water damages need specific equipment to mitigate!

Water damage and flooding in someone’s home or business is one of the most destructive and potentially expensive experiences a property owner can experience. Water damage can vary from being a small, easy to fix the problem, to being a complete disaster that could ruin your entire property. So, what should you do if your Oak Ridge home or business is affected by water damage? As soon as you suspect water damage in your property, it is essential for you to immediately contact your insurance company to notify them of the cost and have them assess whether your property is safe to be in or not.

As soon as you suspect water damage in your Oak Ridge property, it is essential for you to immediately contact your insurance company to notify them of the cost and have them assess whether your property is safe to live or work in or not. Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage for your home or business. It can be the difference between having minor damage that can be fixed, to ruining the entire structure of the building and costing yourself a lot more money to restore your property to normal.

Water damage or flooding poses severe risks for anyone in or around the property. You may or may not know some of the hazards you could run into while inspecting the property post water damage. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge are experts at water mitigation and restoration, and we want to inform people of the initial steps that need to be taken to ensure the safety of the property as well as provide the least amount of damage to their properties.